Oh Canada!

Canadian FlagThis site is about Canada and all things that are Culture related. Canadian business, politics, sports and the fabric of all things from the Great White North.

Being Canadian is a pretty special thing, given the general state of the geopolitical economic climate.

We are in good shape on the surface fiscally and appear to have a functioning democracy, one that values the fact that we encourage mult-culturalism both in the work place and in the household. That is one big difference between us and our big brother to the south, which is more of a melting pot. Assimilation seems to be more of the American psyche, here in Canada being different is celebrated for the most part, and remembering your roots is encouraged.

While Canada as a whole seems like a great place to live, it also has its challenges.

While navigating the Global Recession and its repercussions since 2008 , Canada has faced its share of challenges, especially in Government.

There have been scandals in all levels of government. Municipal, provincial and Federal levels have all had their share of monetary scandal. Canada and specifically Toronto was brought to the world;s attention by the Rob Ford scandal, especially in Hollywood.

Federally we have had the Harper appointed Senate debacle, with the misuse of tax payers funds. Provincially the Ontario Liberals, who inexplicably got re-elected with a majority government after the Gas Plant Scandal in Ontario. To say the Canadian system is perfect would be a far stretch.

It seems that the political landscape has changed in Canada, with virtually all elected officials thinking that there is no end to tax payers money and their entitlement to outright waste it.

While it is Canadian nature to be tolerant and forgiving, this trait is being exploited be various government officials, who are blatantly spending, stealing and wasting Canadian tax dollars.

The average Canadian is aware of this, but in true Canuck fashion, they do little about it.

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