Imagine, a Canadian Tropical Paradise!

Cuise Port Beach Grand TurksA Canadian Tropic Destination?

As we head into another Canadian winter and temperatures plunge well below zero, one can’t help but wonder if we are headed for another “polar vortex” extended deep freeze.

While most Canadians are a hardy bunch, and some even welcome the cold and the snow, just ask all the folks in Whistler. An early winter means busy slopes filled with skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts, and welcome profits for ski country operators, there is a equal amount of Canadians that spend plenty of money for a fun in the sun beach vacation.

This usually involves a long flight, not to mention long security and customs line ups in major airports across the country. Arriving for a flight at Toronto’s Pearson International airport can be taxing in more ways than one. If you happen to be heading to the USA you will have to clear both the U.S. Customs and the security line up, this will mean getting to the airport two hours before your scheduled take off.

It seems that every established Western nation would have an island or a chain of islands to call their own in the sunny Caribbean, that is every nation but Canada, peculiar indeed, when our coast guard has a station in a sun drenched local such as Curacao a mere 25 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela.

There has been mention, more than once of Canada having interest in the beautiful Island of Turks and Caicos. You can date this interest back to the year 1917 when then Canadian Prime Minister Robert Borden suggested that the Turks and Caicos join Canada.

The sentiment is reciprocal, in fact, Turks and Caicos has asked and been, much to many a sun worshipers dismay, rejected on three separate occasions.

Imagine, hopping on a plane, no customs line up required. Destination, a Canadian tropical playground, complete with our very own Margarita-ville. I’m sure the folks in Quebec, nor any other part of this country would object!

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