DIY Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets – More than Just Giving!


art-design-and-craft-partWho does not love to receive a gift basket on a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or during the holidays? Giving and receiving a gift basket filled with goodies are a fun way to say thank you or you matter to any family member or close friend!

If you are looking to have a gift basket made for that special person or family member there are plenty of options available with free Canada wide delivery. One tip; if you are ordering from an online service don;t be afraid to call the company and ask if the baskets are hand packed and use top quality ingredients. We love  giving real , fresh gift baskets from the pros at Gifts For Every Reason in Toronto. They too have free Canada wide delivery of their baskets. That way you can avoid the letdown of having a drop shipped basket of sub par quality delivered with your name on it!

For those who are stuck for time in the busy day to day of the gif we call life, making your own gift basket may not be something you have time for. Juggling a job, kids and family chores leave little time for deign and the logistics of getting all of the necessary things together to make a professional looking home made gift basket. For those that do have the time, you can save some money and put a little of yourself in there, to make your friends and love ones feel special.

For those looking to save some money here are some basket design tips from the pros:

  • Choose a Smaller Basket

Bigger baskets cost more to fill and quickly run over your original budget

  • Use Some Form of Filler

You can find filler at the local dollar store for well, a dollar! You can even used multi coloured gift tissue paper to suit the basket. Blue for men and boys, pink for women and girls or less traditional neutral colours that are not gender associated for the whole family to enjoy!

  • The Goodies

This is the fun part, fill your basket with non perishable goodies if you are going the food route, Nuts and goodies can be bought in bulk and packaged at home. Generally bulk food stores have everything you could wish for from candies to nuts and all manner of chocolate goodies that can be included in your basket and not spoil quickly.

Flavoured tea’s and coffees are also a hit these days, if your budget allows some great and diverse coffee flavours are available for the Keurig crowd, careful there this can get expensive in a hurry. There are plenty of shops that sell quality coffee pods at discount prices. Perfect for budget conscious gift givers.

Jams are another tasty goodie to include in your gist baskets, if you happen to  live in a rural area or some where that has a farmers market you are in business! Fresh, local made jams are a basket spectacular.

  • Wrap it up!

Clear cellophane wrap and ribbons add a professional finish to your basket project, again you can match the colour to the gender or use something that compliments the filler in the basket. Either way these items can be found on the thrifty side from your local dollar store.

There you have it, the lowdown on gift baskets made simple!  A great way to spend time with the kids and a great way to tell family members anywhere that you care!

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